Letter to the Editor – Heron help





Please help the Pacific Great Blue Heron!

The Pacific Great Blue Heron is a resident of our coast all year round.

Although Pacific Great Blue Herons are one of the more visible birds on our shoreline, there are only about 500 pairs nesting on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Their populations are declining due to eagle predation and disturbance by humans.

We can assist these birds by giving them the peace they need to fish and raise their young.  This means not allowing dogs or children to chase them at the beach and avoiding walking near to them as they wade along the shore.  It also means protecting their nesting trees and the surrounding area.

Luckily, some landowners already do that, such as the wonderful couple in the Diamond who have protected our local colony for so many years.

Due to declining numbers the Province of B.C. is doing an inventory of Great Blue Heron nesting sites. If you’ve seen a nests in trees please report it to the Ministry of the Environment at 250-751-3100. Let’s all help the Blue Heron so its graceful presence will continue to be part of our lives.







Jane Cole