Letter to the Editor: Save the herons

Editor:How distressing to learn that the CVRD did not opt to protect the blue heron colony at the Diamond. These are our herons — the ones we see in southern Cedar, Evening Cove, Ladysmith Harbour, and along the beaches of Saltair. What a terrible shame if we lost them just as the Sechelt has lost all its heron colonies. Scientific stats show a significant annual decline in heron numbers with just 20 to 30 colonies left in the whole Strait of Georgia, only four of which are any size.  The principal cause has been human disturbance of their nesting areas. If we don’t protect the Diamond colony, where else can these birds find a patch of smallish trees, the right density, undisturbed and near their hunting area? The CVRD protected the heron colony at Cowichan Bay because of great public demand; apparently few in our area knew of the public hearing to protect Ladysmith’s colony , but it is not too late. Please contact your local representative and tell them you want the heron colony at the Diamond protected.  We can’t allow Ladysmith, Cedar and Saltair to lose their herons! Jane ColeSaltair