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LETTER: We need to help people who are addicted to drugs

Betska K-Burr writes that it’s time for a new approach to address addictions

Re: We need to help people who are addicted to drugs

Thank you Roger Bruce for your compassion for the addicted. I echo your sentiment that “we continue with the current misguided strategies to help those addicted to drugs” and “all levels of government and voters will have to be willing to consider a new approach to this devastating situation”. You continued to say that we need to “introduce new laws and offer 24/7 full-time care until our victims of drugs are able to productively join society again”. I also agree that they are ”screaming silently for real meaningful help”.

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My opinion here is based on a couple of decades of experience working with addictions of all sorts. The current practices including therapeutic practices are simply not powerful enough. Why? Because what is missing is the professional ability to help these addicted identify why they have the addictions (the exact subconscious event that caused the addiction to start) and discover their negative beliefs about themselves which keep them stuck in the addiction.

Yes, it is that simple. Our extensive research says that professionals absolutely need the skills to work with folks to discover the root causes of their addictions, causes that they are not aware of because they are buried in the subconscious mind. Once we know that, we can literally switch the negative beliefs into positive ones. Depending upon the depth of the addiction, the relief can be swift or it can take time. Those will mental health issues can also be rehabilitated if they can still make sound decisions.

But let me be clear that addictions are also rampant in corporations and governments. They are also silently screaming for help.

My issue is that our governments continue to follow the old practices and don’t appear open to trying new and proven practices that work.

I too am distraught that “these lost souls are slowly killing themselves”. I ask everyone to answer this question, “Why do we still allow this to happen?”

By Betska K-Burr