Letters to the Editor for May 18, 2016

Too much emphasis on ‘balanced budget’


On Monday evening, May 9, a number of television ads extolled the virtues of the BC Liberal government’s fiscal policies – how a balanced budget is helping families.

The announcer is backdropped by a young man pushing his aged mother in a wheel chair, while a child walks along beside them.

Then you flip to the evening news and see a sobbing mother, whose son committed suicide after being released from Burnaby General Hospital with a bus ticket, instead of someone having called his family. This after he had been admitted by his mother – not for the first time – because he was suicidal.

Reports said three people had been released from Abbotsford hospital, who also committed suicide shortly afterwards.

Another report said BC Children’s Hospital had closed six of its eight operating rooms because of a nursing shortage. The president of the Nurses’ union advised there has been a cutback to nursing education and the provincial government ought to have known nurses would be retiring.

Another report some weeks ago said that due to a shortage of physicians in B.C. pregnant women, babies and toddlers are going without family doctors. The newscaster said as many as 500,000 people in B.C. are without a family physician.

So I have a question for Premier Christy Clark: Could you forget about your balanced budget and start thinking about the health of the citizens of this province, who need decent and timely health care?

It’s not like you are new to the game. The BC Liberals have been in office 15 years. During that time someone might have figured out that doctors and nurses would be retiring, and that it would be timely to provide more education for people wanting to enter those professions.


Railway brushing left a mess for Saltair residents


Last fall a crew came through and cut down all the trees and shrubs along the railway line separating View Street from Chemainus road, leaving their mess as they proceeded along.

The community of Dogwood / Orca View has been actively maintaining the entrance way to Chemainus and Saltair. Now it’s a mess and no one is responsible for cleaning it up.

Volunteers are encouraged to enhance their communities, which I believe Chemainus does. Where is the responsibility of those that made the mess and why can’t the municipality of North Cowichan force whoever is responsible to clean up and leave the area as they found it – neat, cared for and welcoming?

Linda LendrumChemainus