Letters to the Editor for the Week of September 22

Why don’t we take action on derelict vessel issue ourselves


I have been wondering for some time now why we as a community don’t take action on these derelict boats in our harbour. Why wait for our layers of government to do what they always do – pass the proverbial buck.

To me it would be simple enough for each person in the community to cough up five or 10 dollars, whatever, and pay to do what has to be done to remove these dangerous eyesores.

People are forever sitting in front of business collecting for something. I think if someone would call on our citizens to collect for this cause, there would not be anyone that wouldn’t want to help.

We just have to have the mayor, or whomever, put out the call.

Why wait for something drastic to happen to our wonderful harbour; let’s act now.

As far as waiting for governments goes – they are usually controlled by anyone except citizens, and we will wait forever.

Come on. We have enough people in this district to really do something about this huge problem.

Myrtle SharpLadysmith

Local projects are funded by Fed Government


Through the Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF), the Conservative Government has committed to creating jobs and supporting communities through repairs and improvements to existing community facilities. Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) is delivering the Fund in Western Canada with an allocation of $46.2 million over two years.

Five CIIF projects that have been funded in our area – four on Vancouver Island, one on Gabriola Island.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue $97,800; Gabriola Commons Foundation $35,000; Maple Bay Community Association $8,655; Nile Creek enhancement Society $7,248; Regional District of Alberni-Clayoquot $35,000

Total $183,703 for these projects has been paid by the Federal Government of Canada

Gloria Saunders,Nanaimo