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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Talk of a bridge is ‘just ridiculous’

Comparisons with the Confederation Bridge in the Maritimes are absurd, says letter writer
The idea of a bridge across the Strait of Georgia is absurd, and the newspaper should know better than to print letters on that topic, says letter writer. (Black Press Media file photo)

To the editor,

Re: Spend ‘mega bucks’ and build a bridge, Letters, Oct. 5.

This is not the first time a letter like this has been published in your paper, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. It’s just ridiculous. Either the writer is a new arrival on the Island, or has no mariner background, or both, but comparisons with the Confederation Bridge are absurd, and the newspaper should know that.

The Confederation Bridge sits in about 30 metres of water and has sand, clay and sedimentary rock under it. The Strait of Georgia is more than 400m deep, with mud on the bottom deposited by the Fraser River. A study from a few years back estimated that the cost would be billions, ‘if’ the technical issues could be dealt with. A toll of $800 each way was suggested. That was years ago.

The idea that a bridge is feasible makes me shake my head. The fact that this subject gets a headline in your paper makes me wonder if you’re just trying to be provocative.

Rob Wiebe, Nanaimo

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ferries a toll road when they should be a floating highway

To the editor,

Re: Spend ‘mega bucks’ and build a bridge, Letters, Oct. 5.

I totally agree with the letter writer. In 10 years’ time, the ferries will just not cope with the traffic, heck they can’t even cope now. Just think of how many medical tests, medical procedures have been cancelled due to lack of ferry sailings, how many delivery deadlines have the truckers missed? The absolute waste of human time.

There have been many studies done on a crossing. If Vancouver Island had updated highways, interchanges and viaducts yes, viaducts, one over Duncan and one through Goldstream Park, it would definitely be a boon to the tourist businesses. We need a bridge.

Ian Hamilton, Shawnigan Lake

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ferry issues stress need for a bridge

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