Letters to the Editor

Lookie-loos are a driving hazard - I have to, in all sincerity, voice my concern over the driving practices in Ladysmith

Lookie-loos are a driving hazard


I have to, in all sincerity, voice my concern over the driving practices in Ladysmith.

On Saturday, June 27 at 11:30 a.m., there was a driver parked at the intersection of Dogwood and Davis, blocking of the south lane on Dogwood. About four vehicles were sitting there attempting to get onto Davis, me being one of them.

It was impossible to go around safely – and very likely illegal –but this driver just sat there. I realized that he, and probably the other two occupants of the vehicle, were reading garage sale signs, and writing down the details.

I got up behind this vehicle and leaned on my horn, at which point the driver made his way onto Davis and went south. I followed until he pulled over onto the sidewalk and parked, at which point I pulled up behind him, initially to see if things were okay.

When he said he had only been parked at the intersection for five minutes, reading the signs, I realized this driver had no road sense at all. He asked why people could not drive around him?

This is common practice on weekends, and surely our public employees and officials must be aware of it; so shouldn’t the Town of Ladysmith be posting signs to discourage this kind of behaviour where it is happening.

Frank Sutherland, Ladysmith

Transparency essential


Pam Fraser’s letter (Variance vote varied. What happened? June 30) struck an unpleasant chord with me.  Why the big mystery about the identities of the individuals who supported the variance?  Why was it necessary to re-visit this matter, which had already been discussed and voted upon? To give Councilor Duck Patterson a chance to change his vote? Why did he change his vote?

Whatever happened to full disclosure and the transparency we were promised in the last election?

Perhaps it should be considered that there is an inherent conflict of interest in having realtors and developers on municipal governments and that they should not be eligible to serve.

We hope and assume that all members of the township government are above abusing their office, but taxpayers deserve full attention and input in these matters and if all members of council are not able to discuss and vote openly, we are being shortchanged.

Jacqueline Estabrooks, Ladysmith