Local artist Rob Kernachan applauds efforts of Arts on the Avenue volunteers

Chemainus artist Rob Kernachan expressed his gratitude to Arts on the Avenue volunteers for helping create a 'seamless experience.'


Being relatively new to the art show scene, this year was my first time taking part in Arts on the Avenue.

I figure if I don’t use first names, I won’t miss anyone, and I’m sure they know who they are.

As an artist, I’m amazed and grateful for all the volunteers’ attention to all the artists.

You guys are the best! Thank you.

From coffee and donuts at the set-up to the water throughout the day, it was a seamless experience.

Thanks Ladysmith — you rock!

Keeping with the no-name concept, the artists on stilts embodied the whole feel. Awesome.

Rob Kernachan

Group of Three