Looking for hot new talent or next big star? Look no further than LSS

Tracey De Frane is impressed by the talent at Ladysmith Secondary School's open mic night.


If you are ever looking for a hot new talent or the next big star, you need not look any further than Ladysmith Secondary School (LSS).

I have had the pleasure of going to many of LSS’s open mic nights, and each time, I am truly amazed by the talent.

I enjoy volunteering and attending events as a spectator to show my support.

The people who volunteer their time to put on such fantastic events as open mic night work very hard. Without their time and dedication, I wouldn’t have been able to witness the awesome talent Ladysmith has, from solo singers to bands and from comedy to dancers.

These kids are Ladysmith’s future, and we should show them support by not only attending these great events, but also hiring them for local venues such as the Festival of Lights, Ladysmith Maritime Festival or Concerts in the Park, for example.

Many of us are familiar with the unique voice of Evan Millar, Ladysmith’s local star, a LSS student who recently graduated. Evan Millar is an example of local talent who was just waiting to be discovered, and there so many more out there waiting for the same opportunity. So think local when looking for venues to fill because you will be pleasantly surprised at the gifted youth in Ladysmith who deserve their break as a local performer.

One of these days, one or a group of these kids are going to make it big, and wouldn’t it be great to say, “Ladysmith was the first to discover them and support them.”

Tracey De Frane