May 17 Editorial – Get Paddling

Anyone visiting this area soon becomes aware of the fact we have a real jewel on the waterfront.

Not only a jewel in its stunning beauty, but also in the untapped potential just waiting to be harvested.

Sure a lot of vacant due to stalled water lots held by developers waiting for who knows what and even more of it due to potential developers waiting for who knows what will be dredged up from the bottom of our working ports.

There may be some who see the recent opening of the Marine Trails little more than another reason to hold a ceremony. Some may scoff at the mention the new kayaking stops will help spur some entrepreneurs. But giving paddlers designated places to stop is a great way to grab a focused, attentive audience. Private campgrounds, tailored bed and breakfasts or even electrical posts to charge cellphones, iPods or other devices are just a few of the possibilities near the stops.

Not to mention the fact it will open up new worlds of possibilities for people who may have been afraid to rent a kayak and hit water not knowing where to find a safe place to pull off along the way.

Talk to a few paddlers in the area and you get an idea of how frustrating paddling can get when all the shoreline is private land and not welcoming to sea-going traffic.

This is also the first few steps in the process and hopefully increased marine traffic can also be tied into the new floating visitor reception centre.

So whatever your skill level, check out the trails at and get paddling.