New Chemainus library shouldn’t be at Waterwheel Park

Theresa Kowall hopes the decision to build a new library at Waterwheel Park is reconsidered.


I don’t live in Chemainus, but I can’t believe the Vancouver Island Regional Library and the Municipality of North Cowichan want to put the library in Waterwheel Park.

They must have rocks in their heads. Have they never been to any of the wonderful events that take place in or around the park area?

North Cowichan Mayor Jon Lefebure said council voted in favour of the the parking lot because the firehall had previously been identified as a potential site for a multi-use building. Note the words ”previously been identified.”

He also said the desire amongst council members was to create some new energy at Waterwheel Park. New energy! There isn’t anything more quiet and unassuming than a library.

I sure hope they have second thoughts before this is pushed through.

Theresa Kowall