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I’m so proud of our Ladysmith town council for placing a moratorium on the ‘smart meters’ along with 16 other municipalities.

Now the Union of B.C. Municipalities has passed a motion for a moratorium on them by 55 per cent.

According to the Public Health Act of B.C., “A municipality must take action when it learns of something that could be harmful to its residents.”

Our provincial government is trying to prevent our municipal governments from doing their jobs.  In spite of mounting opposition to the smart meter install, Minister of Energy Rich Coleman says the installations will continue.

This is being done without the consent of the owner and in spite of public outcry.

The BC Utilities Commission has been stripped of the power to review the project.  We have a history in this country of trusting our political leaders, but do they continue to deserve our trust?

These meters will make our hydro more expensive during day time usage, they interfere with ham radio as well as other electromagnetic devices in your homes,  there are privacy issues, and most importantly, health concerns.  The meters pulse microwave frequency radiation, day and night.  So far, we have had a choice as to whether we want microwaves, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, cell phones, digital boxes or any other electronic gadgets that give off electromagnetic radiation in our homes.  These meters on the other hand,  are being forced on us.

The most vulnerable are the smallest creatures.  The first to be affected are the bees (they leave), birds, other pets and small children.  About three per cent of people are severely sensitive to EMR and 35 per cent experience moderate to mild sensitivity.

As more and more wireless technology is introduced to our lives, more and more people are getting sick.

Are the extra profits to BC Hydro and the government worth the costs in health care that these meters are going to cause?

Ted Olynyk of BC Hydro states that less than two microwatts per centimetre squared are emitted when standing adjacent to the meter.

He also states they’re safer than cellphones.  Who says cellphones are safe?  Many people won’t use them, including our family.  It has been openly stated that the reason we are encouraged to use less hydro is so that there’ll be more to sell to California.  Isn’t there a more ethical way to get people to conserve energy?

When all is said and done, some people will still dismiss health concerns. For them privacy issues remain a huge concern.  BC Hydro must not be permitted to sell personal information gained through smart meters.  For information on things you can do to reduce EMR (dirty electricity) in your homes, visit the website of electrician Walter McGinnis:   To find out what you can do to stop a wireless ‘Smart Meter’ from being installed on your house, visit:     Scroll down to the Smart Meter Action Kit.  For just some really good information visit: or watch:  Join the coalition:

Jacqueline Little


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