No negative focus

Ladysmith needs a solution to our waterfront properties


There is a prevailing opinion in parts of our Society that expresses that old adage ‘Any solution to a problem is better than no solution.’ This attitude displays a confusion of wants and needs.

Yes, we would all like a solution to our waterfront properties. The positive and thoughtful actions of both our current mayor and council over the years have progressively created, improved and maintained a well used and beautiful park and beach area, a needed recreational oasis for the citizens of Ladysmith.

These same citizens appreciate the enormous problem of the contaminated waterfront, a legacy of Ladysmith origins – coal mining. A small strip of land pales in contrast to this larger problem.

It is not the ‘negative attitude’ of our current mayor and council that is the problem. Their approach has been positive, transparent, tireless, and directed to the long term needs of the public.

The right evidence based solution is a careful process, a fact that the ‘wants’ in society often fail to appreciate.

E.J. Armstrong