Not smart meters

Ladysmith letter to the editor




To my knowledge there has been no real evidence that these new smart meters proposed by BC Hydro have any real benefit to the consumer whatsoever.


In addition, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that, being essentially radios that can be turned on and off at somebody’s whim, they are adversely affecting the health of homeowners who often  have them attached to their house outside their bedroom.


A test reported on the Internet that the reliable old-style meters  and these new smart meters (with only a 10-year lifespan) were tested with identical home consumption loads and the smart meters used more electricity.


So no saving there. This could be because the smart meter, being a radio, with spying-on-us potential, is using power to power itself and we, the customer are paying for this.


Anyone who wishes to track their consumption can easily do this by noting the identifying tag on the electrical device for its maximum electrical use when working.


Another cheap way is to purchase a cheap device called ‘KILL A WATT’ which is an electrical usage monitor.


Mine measures eight critical units of measurement. One example: I plugged it into a wall socket and then plugged the toaster into it.  Results?  The voltage dropped from 120 to 118 and the wattage recorded 1480.


Let us follow some U.S. states and European countries and abolish this potentially harmful, stupid smart meter idea completely.



Keith Wyndlow