Open-door policy

Chronicle Editorial

To stay open or not to stay open? That is a question that has been dogging local businesses since the start of the big box store.


Trying to pin down a closing time can be as tricky as trying to figure out B.C.’s ever-changing tax forms.


Unlike some of their larger rivals, smaller businesses can’t always afford to stay open until late into the night.


Overheads, such as wages and even the electricity to keep the lights on can be a barrier to small stores looking to compete.


Not to mention many stores are owner-operated and the entrepreneurs who put in the work to start them may not have the energy left to stay open while others have already settled into their nightly routines.


That said, as everyone comes out of the recession, businesses and their owners have been looking for new ways to get customers back through the doors.


Sometimes this can mean new sales ideas, promotions or giveaways to entice customers to come in and spend.


A few weeks ago in Chemainus, some businesses decided the best way to get more customers through the doors is to keep the doors open longer.


The extended hours fall on Wednesday night to capitalize on the successful Wednesday Markets held at the Waterwheel parking lot.


And word from some businesses on Willow Street is it’s been working.


This is a great opportunity to cater to not only tourists, but will allow fellow Chemainiacs to get home from work and see what their own town has to offer.