Parks not for dogs

Ladysmith letter to the editor



Well, it has happened again.


I just opened my door to an upset mother and her screaming toddler whose little face was covered in dog excrement.


Apparently he is young enough  to still be unsteady on his feet and in joyously trying to race with his mother on Ecole Davis Road school property field had taken a header into a pile of excrement.

This has been an ongoing problem this summer as so many carloads of people bring their kids and dogs to play in the beautiful grounds that are part of the school playground and Bonnie Marshall Park.


I have two dogs that I exercise in my own backyard even though the school is across the street. Other homeowners on our street do the same thing.


Common sense tells us that dogs and cats obey their natural urges.


I believe a school field is a place for children to exercise not for irresponsible dog owners to let their dogs poop and then don’t even bother to clean up.


This is a wonderful, safe area for children to enjoy the equipment and parents to bring a picnic lunch to the table provided and  have a great time together.


Why does such a positive experience have to be spoiled in this way?


I congratulate those who are campaigning for a proper dog park but in the meantime, have a little consideration for the children who want to use their playground for its intended purposes.


Exercise your dogs elsewhere.


Joan-Marie Hammond