Please check out the public works area before declaring that we are a clean community

The right to breath clean air is very much compromised.


After reading the article in the 2/10/15 paper regarding the Right to a Healthy Environment,  “the right to live in a healthy environment, including the right to breath clean air and drink clean water.”  Has anyone from the Town of Ladysmith ever walked along Sixth Avenue past the city works yard?

The right to breath clean air is very much compromised; depending on the direction of the wind, it  is like an assault by a wall of stench. This cannot be healthy to breathe.

People are walking with hands over their faces, walkers are even jogging past and what about the poor residents in that area, including our RCMP?

Another issue being the right for clean water, one of the jewels of our beautiful town is the Holland Creek Trail system. Many tourists come to enjoy this, as well as the daily use by many of the town people.

Visitors are amazed that this facility is bordering the trail with mounds of compost with the potential of leaching into the creek.

I wonder has any environmental testing ever been done? Rumour has it that in the past, due to the stench, this was not allowed at the city works yard.

So I ask that before the draft of resolution is completed, please check this area out. As at this time declaring we are a clean community is just not so.

Thank you.

C. Townsend