Please consider your neighbours

Local hunter lacks enthusiasm for hobby shooting in the hills above Peerless Road and Bannon Creek.


Residents from Sutherin Road to lagoon bridge do not enjoy the sound of shotguns blasting away up Peerless Road-Bannon Creek.

The Chemainus Gun Club has a range at four mile for skeet shooting. The Nanaimo Game Club also provides a facility for trap shooting. The shooting seems to be on weekends, and the duration can last for hours.

I ask that the folks responsible would consider their neighbours rights. Our pets (dogs and horses) are scared for hours on end. To sit in our own backyards and listen to your shotguns is very disturbing.

By the way, I live to hunt and fish. It could be that those involved do not realize the impact they are having on their neighbours — well, now you do.

David Sandulo