Points to Ponder March 2011

I Cor. 13:7-8 “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails.”I know that by the time you read this Valentine’s Day will be behind us. Husbands will be relaxing after the stressful days of trying to find the perfect last-minute gift (usually ending up to be chocolates and  flowers), and everything will be getting back to normal. But before we slip back into the rut of familiarity take a moment to consider this. Love is not a day that comes just once a year. The Bible says that love never fails. For a lot of us guys, it’s hard for us to show love because we feel like it diminishes our masculinity. But Paul says in the Bible that when a man loves his wife, it’s like he loves himself. So the best thing that we can do for ourselves as men is to make sure that everyday we tell and show our wives how much they mean to us. Real love does not come in heart-shaped boxes. It isn’t in the sparkle of jewelry, (although a lot of wives may disagree), it’s in the everyday little things that we do to show each other that we care. When you read I Corinthians 13 you learn that love is action. So don’t let Valentine’s be once a year. Make sure everyday we take time to show love to one another.

— Rev. KW Boyd Tremblett