Protesting smart meters in Ladysmith

Ladysmith residents are protesting smart meters this Wednesday.


Last Wednesday, a small group of us held signs up in downtown Ladysmith for the noon hour in protest of the smart meters.

We had a great response. Those downtown at that time would have heard the honking of cars passing by.

Ninety-nine per cent of the people I spoke to are opposed to the smart meters, either upset that they have to lock them up and put refusal signs on them, or outraged that the meters were installed on their houses  before they had any information on them. They want them removed.

There are so many issues around these wireless meters, from fires which BC Hydro is handing responsibility for over to the home owner, to privacy and health issues, and let’s not forget the rate hikes.

People, we need to voice our opinions.

Keep on writing to your MLA and other politicians, register online and come and join us to protest at noon hour this Wed., Aug. 15 at the Aggie Hall/49th Parallel Grocery intersection

Jacqueline Little