Recommision, don’t decommission, Ladysmith’s trolley

Nanci Creamer of Ladysmith feels Ladysmith's trolleys should be re-envisioned and re-purposed.


Proposed transit links to Duncan and or Nanaimo would benefit Ladysmith commuters, especially with reduced coach line bus service to these locations, which was never adequate as a commuter connection for students or workers.

We have many special functions, festivals and celebrations year round in Ladysmith, which could enhance access to or be showcased by trolley service.

Graduation classes at Ladysmith Secondary School might find it useful for grad day. Private gatherings like weddings and family or school reunions, service club activities, etc., might all find the trolley an excellent choice for a Ladysmith original “mass transit,” if  rentals were available.

Perhaps the management of scheduling, etc., could involve student learning through volunteering together with someone from the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce or some other like arrangement.

The trolley may not have succeeded as originally visioned, but I also believe this is an asset we should keep and find profitable use for.

I know the city of Nelson had a volunteer group of retired engineers and mechanics to maintain its trolleys.

Let’s re-envision and re-purpose our unique heritage-type vehicle. It fits so well in so many ways.

Nanci Creamer