Revitalized North Oyster Ratepayers Association will be a watchdog

Keith Wyndlow encourages people to come to the North Oyster Ratepayers Association's AGM April 26.


Are you worried about the annual property  tax increases by the CVRD? I am.

The latest  budget for 2012 has just been passed with another average tax increase of 7.63 per cent. This means that (according to CVRD figures in  Schedule C of 2012) the annual budget historical tax requisition shows that over the last six years, property taxes have increased by about 50 per cent (49.4 per cent to be exact).

This cannot continue. In the North Oyster-Diamond area, the increase will be $106.21 for EACH $100,000 of property value, or almost six per cent.

The district needs a strong watchdog in the form of a revitalized and representative  North Oyster Diamond Ratepayers Association, which is having its annual general meeting on Thurs., April 26 from 7-9 p.m. at the North Oyster Community Hall (across from the North Oyster School). Come and make your voice heard.

New and increased membership can make this a powerful organization to keep your legitimate interests before the political “servants” who seem to consider themselves our “masters.”

The CVRD has 13 employees who earned more than $100,000 in 2010, and 23 were paid more than $75,000. Their total wage bill was more than $12 million, with more than $225,000 for expenses.

Are all these people living off the public purse doing a good job with our money?

Hope to see you at the Revitalized Ratepayers meeting on Thurs., April 26.

Keith Wyndlow