School district could have turned to students, local artists for new logo

Michael Dean of Ladysmith shares his ideas about how SD68 could have come up with the design for its new logo.


In the  Feb. 5 Chronicle, the article on School District’s 68 new logo interested me.

The $24,000 is now spent; however, two ideas came to my mind.

Alternatively, the students could have been engaged to come up with a design, perhaps offering a small bursary of perhaps five per cent to 10 per cent as motivation or prize.

Secondly, I know for a fact that $24,000 is not a bad yearly wage for an artist living in this area and that there are many talented ones living in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith area. A request to any one of these artists, I think, could have resulted in an equally good design, consequently supporting the local community as we are all encouraged to do.

Michael Dean