Setting priorities

Mike Smith thinks Ladysmith council should make Holland Creek Trail a priority.


Editor’s note: The following is a copy of a letter sent to Ladysmith’s mayor and council.

Everyone is aware that one of the treasures in our midst is the Holland Creek trail system. It is well used and well appreciated by residents and visitors alike.

Recently, we made the full circuit from Coronation Mall to the reservoir and back, covering both sides of Holland Creek in the process.

I was rather surprised at the deteriorating conditions in some areas, such as broken and missing railings and steps, washouts and mudholes.

While at the mall and later, driving around town, I noticed the town Jitney travelling around empty as usual.

This set off the following train of thought: Why is it that we have this beautiful gem in the middle of town called the Holland Creek trail system, much used and enjoyed but in need of a good deal of attention, and yet funds are being wasted on a service which is neither wanted nor used by the vast majority of citizens?

In a similar vein, there is talk of a $40,000 enhancement along Bayview Avenue for the three bicycles a day that use that route and have no difficulty doing so in its present state.

I submit to council that the bike path and trolley are poor use of public funds, based on the public response, and that by the same measure, the Holland Creek trails are a good use of public funds.

Since it’s council’s obligation to stretch our budget as far as possible in the best interests of the taxpayers who provide these funds, when will council recognize that the trolley and bike path decisions, while made with the best of intentions, were mistakes and need to be reversed, and that proper maintenance of our existing facilities should be the higher priority?


Mike Smith