Slow down, Adrian Dix

Joe Sawchuk thinks NDP leader should review the byelection data before celebrating 'landslide' victories.


On April 23, Adrian Dix, stood in the house mentioning a comment about the landslide NDP victories in byelections in Port Moody-Coquitlam and Chilliwack-Hope.

Maybe if he would do his homework and analyze the results, he would slow down on his jumping-from-the-hip attitude.

In the Port Moody-Coquitlam 2009 election, the NDP came in second with 7,614 votes, with a total of 19,134 taxpayers casting ballots. In the 2012 byelection, the NDP came in first  with 6,070 votes, with a total of 11,167 taxpayers casting ballots.

I ask Adrian, what happened to the other 7,967 taxpayers who did not cast ballots? Not all of these missing taxpayers would have voted NDP.

In the Chilliwack-Hope 2009 election, the NDP came in second with 5,638 votes and in the 2012 byelection, the NDP came in first with 5,772 votes.

The NDP has to thank the B.C. Conservative party because of vote splitting; if not, no way would the riding have gone NDP.

So Adrian, two byelections with the NDP winning one because of very low voter turnout and one with a large amount of vote splitting. Is this the only way the NDP can win seats that were never NDP to begin with?

Adrian is paid a $152,789 salary to be a MLA. He receives $61 per day for meals. He receives anywhere from $12,000 to $19,000 per year for living accommodation, $9916.67 per month for operational costs of a constituency office, anywhere from $3,190 to $11,500 for travel expenses within his riding, and $4 from B.C. taxpayers to every $1 he contributes to the B.C. MLA pension fund.

In summary, with such a good-paying job, couldn’t he at least review the byelection data results instead of making outrageous comments about landsilde NDP victories? Unbelievable, but then again, he is NDP!

Joe Sawchuk