Swimmer grateful to those who have helped along the way

Kara DeClark shows her appreciation to those who have helped her out.


After 10 years of competitive swimming, many tough practices and close races, I think back and realize I didn’t enjoy swimming just for the swimming aspect, but also for the people I was able to meet throughout the years.

Many of these people helped and supported me in some way — whether they were a coach, parent, community member or a friend, they were there, even if I did not realize it at the time, to help with my technique, bottle drives and swim-a-thons.

Without their dedication and support, I probably would not be swimming today, so thank you to the coaches: Scott Flood, Jennifer LeBlanc, Nick Templman, Tony Theriault, Dusan Toth-Szabo, Bev VandenDungen and Melody Smythies (high school swimming).

A huge thank you to all the board members over the years for the Ladysmith-Chemainus and Nanaimo Riptides swim teams, and to all the sponsors who supported these two teams.

I especially want to thank my mom, who was my personal alarm clock for those early-morning practices, my taxi driver and greatest supporter.

Kara DeClark