Thank you to helpful neighbours

Jacqueline Leitch-Murphy wrote to thank three helpful neighbours who came to her aid when she injured herself while jogging.


Today, I tripped over my dog (who turned right while I continued straight) while jogging up Bayview.

I sustained a dislocated pinkie and a cracked knuckle. Testing my crooked hand in disbelief of the shape of the swelling and weird-shaped fingers, I pulled on the top of my pinkie and started to feel some shock when the pain hit and also realized that this injury was going to compromise my job as a housecleaner as well as any triathlon workouts I have planned for the near future.

All in all, I was in pretty bad shape when three good neighbours on Bayview came to my aid. I just want to say thank you to Kevin for driving me to emergency and to the gentleman who donated gauze to mop up stray blood. Thank you so much also to the kind woman who phoned my daughter to come and pick up our dogs.

Though bruised and a bit mangled, my hand is much better than it looked at 8:15 this morning, and I will be able to take on my full work schedule and modified workouts by next week.

Thank you once again for your sensitivity, concern and good help.

Jacqueline Leitch-Murphy