Thank you to Ladysmith firefighters and RCMP

Don Harrison expresses appreciation for the Ladysmith Fire Department and RCMP.


On Feb. 22, we had a kitchen fire while were away from home.

We foolishly left a saucepan on the stove, thinking we had turned the power off. However, the power was not off, and while we were out of our home, we received a call on our cell phone that the Ladysmith Fire Department was at our home extinguishing the fire.

We are thankful to ADT alarms for hardwiring our fire and burglar alarm directly to the Ladysmith Fire Department, as well as the RCMP, because this resulted in immediate response and saved what could have been a disaster from happening.

I want to thank our fire department for the INCREDIBLE job they performed, as well as the RCMP, for their sincere concern while in attendance.

Don Harrison