The choice is yours, Ladysmith

Ladysmith Chronicle editorial by Niomi Pearson on the upcoming election

So goes another municipal election campaign and as the end of the race approaches, the torch is passed on to the voters in hopes that they will exercise their democratic rights.

The candidates have shared their views and vision for the future, they have knocked on doors, attended local functions and faced the scrutiny of the public.

Since September, the Chronicle has been doing its best to provide the community with election coverage in the form of candidate profiles and a weekly candidates question on different community issues. In this week’s Chronicle, the candidates state their final case on page 12.

It’s your turn now, Ladysmith. The choice is there, and it’s yours to make.

According to information from Civic Info BC, a total of 1,352 Ladysmith voters exercised their democratic rights out of a possible 5,682 during the 2008 municipal election that saw the current town council voted in. That’s a turnout of only 23.79 per cent.

With the work that’s been done and with so many exciting issues on the horizon, it’s surprising to see those numbers.

You came out to November’s all-candidates meeting because you care about this community and you want to be involved in its future. That opportunity is being provided to you in its most effective form on November 19.

The thing to remember about elections is that it’s not a popularity contest – it’s about selecting the person you feel is going to get the job done for you. And whether that means a fresh face with new ideas or a familiar one with a proven track record, the end result is still in your hands.

Raise your voice, and make your choice.

-Niomi Pearson