Jacob Reed of Ladysmith

Jacob Reed of Ladysmith

The day Jacob’s dream will come true

Jacob Reed of Ladysmith is a huge Beatles fan, and he will get to meet Ringo Starr July 15.

The day Jacob’s dream will come true


I’m sure everyone in Ladysmith knows Jacob Reed, a wonderful man who lives and breathes music.

Jacob works at 49th Parallel Grocery, and he performs in a band called Peace Love and Joy. He is a huge Beatles fan, and it would be his dream come true to meet one of the Beatles.

This dream is going to come true this week in Vancouver.

Jacob’s mother’s best friend, Bonnie, bought Jacob and his mother, Lorraine, a ticket to see Ringo Starr perform at the Hard Rock Casino on Tuesday, July 15.

I really want this dream to come true for Jacob, and I want his mom to experience it with him, so I contacted the entertainment director at the Hard Rock and shared how much it would mean to Jacob to go have this experience, and he said he’s going to make it happen. Jacob is going to get to meet Ringo and get his picture taken with him. This is going to make his world. He’s the biggest Beatles fan, and he plays drums too, just like Ringo.

Jacob is an amazing individual, and he and his mom really deserve this, so I’m grateful I can make this happen for them.


Erin Hager