The goal in hockey should be proviiding fun opportunities for kids

The one underlying ethic any hockey person buys into is that of teamwork.

Perhaps because the glare of the national sports spotlight shines brightest on the ice, hockey has taken its fair share of raps in the media for pushy parents, abusive coaches and political backroom agendas.

But despite the horror stories that surface in the national headlines — and, indeed, occasionally in local arenas — it has been our experience that the local hockey community is by and large full of good people who love the kids and love the game.

So while it was disconcerting to see the Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey Association under suspension (a two-week suspension that was lifted Feb. 6), we are confident this situation will be gone and forgotten by the time the next season rolls around.

We understand the culture of hockey rewards those who fight to the bitter end and we understand that sometimes when you are in the middle of something it is hard to step back and find a larger perspective.

But we have seen the official report on the current issue and listened to the unofficial rhetoric and the gossip surrounding it. Frankly, it all seems to be easily filed under the category of organizational squabbles.

What we care about — and what we think a majority of Cowichan minor hockey parents care about — is that the kids get a chance to play.

The one underlying ethic any hockey person worth his or her salt buys into is that of teamwork.

We’d urge those involved to remember they are all part of the same team here, with the same goal: providing a safe, fun hockey opportunity to all the children of Cowichan.

That is the goal. Every step forward from here should be taken with that in mind.

—Cowichan News Leader Pictorial