The voting taxpayers has the final say

Joe Sawchuk says governments are all the same in general, but some are better than others.


If after the voting polls close in B.C. on May 14, 2013, and the NDP forms government, this is the agenda of the NDP government:

Bankrupt the province; lose the triple A credit rating; take B.C. once again to a “have-not province;” top off all funding to government ministries; give all government employees pay raises in return for a increase in taxes to the taxpayers; create unemployment because B.C. is a business province and businesses don’t invest in NDP territory; have all decisions approved by B.C. Federation of Labour boss Jim Sinclair; call a provincial election in May 2017 and lose the election to once again a coalition government who will have to start all over again cleaning up a NDP mess, just as Bill Bennett of the Social Credit party had to do after a Dave Barrett NDP government and Gordon Campbell had to do after a Glen Clark, Dan Miller, Ujjal Dosanjh three-stooge NDP government.

Before marking your voting ballot, ask yourself who pays you a paycheque every second Friday, B.C. business or a union, and who do you want to manage your taxpayer dollars.

Governments are all the same in general, but some are better than others.

The voting taxpayer has the final say.

Joe Sawchuk