Time for a change?



I read with interest the numerous letters to the editor posted in the latest Take 5 magazine and the Chronicle regarding a number of issues concerning the community.

I noted that in all the recent correspondence, I did not see one supporting our mayor or his projects.

Instead of listening to what the people are saying, he chooses to try and justify his actions. Like most politicians that have been in power far too long he seems to believe he is right and everyone else is wrong.

Mr. Mayor, you just don’t get it, people are really saying it’s time to go. We don’t want an empty bus polluting our streets; we don’t want an expensive, empty bike path going nowhere to name only two.

These projects may seem important to you, but as you can see by the large number of letters, they are not important to a large number of residents.

Most of all we don’t want to pay our city administrators large salaries without some clear accountability on their part.

I have lived in Ladysmith for more than seven years and have yet been unable to vote for a mayor because there has only been one choice.

I say it is time for a change at city hall.

What we need is someone with energy, someone who will listen and act and someone with a clear “vision” for the future of this wonderful town.

Dan Spence

Past secretary of the Ladysmith Rate Payers Association.


I was amazed to learn from Tom Fletcher that the B.C. New Democratic Party is in deep trouble, mainly because it believes it’s wrong that the fraction of British Columbians who control most of the wealth keep getting richer while the rest of us keep getting poorer.

Before Jan. 26 I thought it was the B.C. Liberal Party whose leader has been forced to resign in a shower of accusations of lying to the public and bungling the introduction of the hated HST.

I thought it was the B.C. Liberals who were wallowing in the B.C. Rail scandal, the Kash Heed scandal, maintaining Canada’s lowest minimum wage, allowing a high rate of jobs lost through raw log exports, encouraging controversial net-cage salmon farming and waffling over proposed increases in oil tanker traffic.

But no, it’s the NDP who are the villains.

They simply don’t accept the rule of the Gordon Campbells who get together with Big Business to pile up profits and tell the B.C. public what’s good for them.

New Democrats seem to think that the first function of a democratic government is to reflect the needs and wishes of the people, not the financial ambitions of the wealthy and powerful.

Clearly the working class must be guided by politicians and corporate CEOs through controls funded by insidious schemes like the HST, which lightens the tax load of big business by putting more of it on the ordinary taxpayer.

Otherwise, the vast gap between the haves and the have-nots might start getting smaller, and we’d all be in deep trouble.

Tony Eberts

New Westminster