Trolley could keep cars off the highway

Walt Hatcher of Ladysmith thinks the trolley system should be extended farther north and south.


Editor’s note: This is an open letter sent to the mayor of Ladysmith and council. A copy of this letter was also sent to MP Jean Crowder and to the Ministry of Transportation in Victoria.

Regarding the Ladysmith trolley bus system now servicing the town of Ladysmith, I think it should be extended farther north and south of the city limits it now services, keeping off the main highway or Trans-Canada Highway as much as possible.

To the north, along Rocky Creek Road to Brenton-Page Road via Highway 1 and then into the boundary of Cedar and a side trip to Shell Beach as per a schedule.

To the south, to the boundary of North Cowichan via Chemainus Highway, back to Ladysmith, making Ladysmith a bit of a hub city, as it was in the past when we had log trains and trucks coming down from Nanaimo Lakes and also log trains and trucks coming up from Lake Cowichan.

I think there is a great potential for the Ladysmith trolley system as it is, and expanding to the north and south would help the people it would serve and maybe get a few of us out of our cars and get people off that damn highway, which turns out to be a killer of young and old.

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee and God save the Queen.

Walt Hatcher

Red Baron