Trolley folly

Barry Dashwood thinks the Ladysmith trolley should be put out to pasture.


I am in agreement that the Ladysmith trolley should be put out to pasture.

It sounded like a great idea at the time, but ridership has not materialized.

The trolley is known as the “Air Bus” because we hardly ever see anyone on it.

I don’t know if a better route and schedule would help, but it cannot continue to run the way it is.

I also realize that no transit system can run without being heavily subsidized.

The best answer to transit is to be part of the larger regional district systems. Ladysmith could have had a transit system years ago if they had not dragged their feet on the subject.

Transit was discussed many years ago, and we could have been part of the Cowichan system.

That Cowichan system runs to Chemainus, Lake Cowichan and all over the Cowichan Valley, except Ladysmith.

The other factor here is that Ladysmith is in the Cowichan Valley Regional District, where I believe we should be in the Nanaimo Regional District.

Ladysmith has stronger cultural and economic ties with Nanaimo rather than the Duncan area.

I believe the majority of Ladysmith residents would rather have a transit system linked to Nanaimo, where they shop, go to doctors, etc.

Ideally, we could be tied into both systems.

In either district, people can bus from one end to the other for between $2 and $3. I believe that would be very attractive.

Mayor and council can defend the trolley all they want, but how about listening to residents’ concerns. The people of Ladysmith should be polled on wether to keep the trolley and which transit system they prefer to connect to, if any. We also need to know the total cost on our taxes.

Thank God that we have people like ex-alderman Rob Johnson, who truly is devoted to and cares deeply about this town. Thanks for keeping the subject in the spotlight — keep up the good work Rob.

I hope council can swallow their pride and do the right thing and get rid of the trolley.


Barry Dashwood