Visitors impressed by ‘the good people of Ladysmith’

Pat Coppard and Mark Reuten are grateful to those who made their hit-and-run experience less unpleasant.


We stopped in Ladysmith for a lunch break on Aug. 5 on the way back from a holiday up-Island, and while we were eating, a hit-and-run driver crashed into our minivan parked on First Avenue, rendering it undriveable.

While the experience could have soured us on your town, it had the opposite effect, thanks to the good people of Ladysmith.

We are especially grateful to Patti and Lillianna, to Janet at Royal Lepage and to the people at Salamander Books and The Worldly Gourmet, who offered us and our young children a cool place to wait while we were stranded.

Thanks all of you for making a trying experience a lot less unpleasant.

We will continue to stop in Ladysmith on our up-Island ventures — although we may not park on First Avenue again!

Pat Coppard and Mark Reuten