Wait until next trustee election

Joe Sawchuk of Duncan doesn't think there should be a trustee by-election in the Cowichan Valley.


Note that Nova Scotia has a provincial NDP government. Nova Scotia’s education minister had fired all of the elected members of the South Shore regional school board, concluding they broke the board’s bylaws. Members were trying to avoid a public discussion on possible school closures.

The NDP minister appointed one person who will oversee the board’s operation. This person will remain until the next scheduled election for school trustees.

It is a done deal in the Cowichan Valley and in the South Shore in Nova Scotia. Also note that the Nova Scotia teachers’ federation went to the streets protesting for the minister of education to resign over education funding. The NDP premier said that would never happen. Amazing what happens when the NDP is the government.

What happened in the Cowichan school board is the same as what any provincial NDP government would have done. Now accept the fact and wait until the next election comes for school board trustees, just like the NDP minister of education is doing in Nova Scotia.

Joe Sawchuk