Waterfront best place for RV park

Letter writer says Ladysmith's waterfront is the best and only place a RV park will work


It has been reported government services and council has put forth a plan to look at wholesale parking of recreation vehicles any where in Ladysmith. It has also been reported that every member of Ladysmith council as well as his worship Mayor Hutchins has agreed with this proposal. Now we see rocket science in its most prolific glory.

I can just hear the howls on the horizon; “NOT IN MY BACK YARD”.

Only this council is capable of missing the opportunity of earning a cash flow for our town treasury. Where will these recreation vehicles hook up to water and electricity? Will the town provide a sewer dump site for them to empty their sewage and grey water?

It is mind boggling that six council members and one mayor have trouble grasping the advantages of restoring the original R.V. site and giving the R.V. visitors the advantage of enjoying Transfer Beach.

It has been pointed out many times in the past that the advantages of this site with a proper manager living on site and also acting as the town watchman to help stop vandalism is a plus-plus situation. Hopefully we will see some real changes at the elections next month. Ladysmith is long overdue for a council with imagination – entrepreneurship and most of all common sense.

But then it has also been said many times the voters get what they deserve.



Don Harrison