What issues concern you?

Help shape election coverage

Election season has not even started and already we’ve heard of a lot of issues that will no doubt be brought up time and time again during the campaign.

The candidates who have already declared their intention have brought up a number of issues facing Ladysmith they want to tackle if elected, or re-elected.

One issue that seems to keep popping up is the proper development of the waterfront.

Pretty much everyone in town sees it as a valuable resource that should be developed, or at least cleaned up.

And most everyone agrees that there are better things than just residential development that could go there.

What and when and where will depend on the next council. And most of the hopeful councillors agree they would like to see something done for Ladysmith to secure its watershed areas.

The visioning session last week was a great eye-opener into what’s on the mind of Ladysmith’s residents.

Population density, arts funding and protecting the environment were some of the other topics that were brought up during the visioning session and deserve some attention from the next council.

We have a few weeks from when the official nomination period closes to the election date to bring you as much as we can on the people hoping to represent you on a municipal level.

So tell us what is important to you in Ladysmith and what issues you want to be discussed in October and November by emailing editor@ladysmithchronicle.com.

We will compile your results and see what trends start to emerge. No matter what you do, make sure you take part. Municipal politics is the one division of politics that affects your life most closely — from garbage collection to what will happen with that parcel of land next to your neighbourhood. So know what you want and how to express it.