Where would be without our volunteers and service clubs

Which got me thinking how many other service groups there are doing good work in our community

Cheryl Leukfeld, whose term as President of the Rotary Club of Ladysmith is ending, has presented me a conundrum in the form of a list of the club’s activities and contributions during 2014-15, along with a request that I publish it so the community will be aware of Rotary’s good works.

It’s a long list.

Which got me thinking how many other service groups there are doing good work in our community – raising funds for worthy causes, building things, running an array of supportive programs, getting seniors involved at one end of the spectrum, youth at the other – and I couldn’t help but be grateful.

I won’t mention any names, because if I do, I’ll be sure to leave someone out of the long list of organizations, each with its own long list of services provided to this community. If the Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle published all their lists, we’d fill the entire paper, and then some.

What I can do, instead, is ask you to imagine Ladysmith and Chemainus without those dedicated souls who contribute so much time, enthusiasm and intelligence to making life better for all of us.

Think of the concerts we wouldn’t hear; the less fortunate who wouldn’t be offered a helping hand; the streets that would go unadorned, parades that would never happen, kids fests that wouldn’t ring with laughter, sports events that wouldn’t get us out to cheer, pancakes that wouldn’t get flipped, and so on.

Community organizations are the mortar of our communities. They hold us together.

So even if we haven’t been able to publish the Rotary list, I’m hoping Cheryl won’t mind if we quote from her letter to fellow Rotarians – and by extension, even if the specifics vary, to every volunteer organization that contributes time and devotion to our community.

“On reflecting back on my year as your President, I am struck by how much we have accomplished in a very short period of time… We introduced three new successful programs to our club and our old fundraisers continue to amaze us. We welcomed six new members…

“All in all, I think we have had a most successful year and I am sorry to see my year as President end. It has been my honour to serve you as your President for 2014-15. You are an amazing club and I am so very proud of all of you and of the support you have given me.

“Rotary Hugs to all…”

That embrace can be extended to encompass an entire community, and all the people who help make it better by supporting others, and each other.

Craig Spence, Editor