Where’s the enforcement for unmuffled motorcycles?

Michael Smith of Ladysmith wonders why there is no enforcement regarding noisy unmuffled motorcycles.


Most jurisdictions have noise bylaws, and many go as far as to restrict truckers from using their engine brakes near populated areas.

However, there seems to be a reluctance to enforce these bylaws against unmuffled motorcycles, which are often cruising through our streets.

I submit that these bikes make far more noise than truck engine brakes, and, in any case, engine brakes are useful for safety reasons.

I know there are laws against unmuffled or noisy modified vehicles, and many of us would like to see more enforcement.

These vehicles must be going by police on a daily basis, and where the noise is so obviously blatant, why is there no enforcement?

I don’t feel that police should be waiting for a complaint when the infraction is so obvious.

Michael Smith