Council contemplating changes to development fees & charges

Town of Ladysmith’s fees for development services such as subdivisions could change.

For the first time since 2008, the Town of Ladysmith’s fees for development services such as subdivisions could change.

Council gave the bylaw amending the Town’s fees and charges bylaw three readings at its Feb. 16 meeting. The amendments reflect changes to fees and charges relating to development services and will come before council one more time.

The development application fees haven’t been reviewed and revised since 2008, according to Felicity Adams, the Town’s director of development services.

In a report to council’s municipal services committee about the bylaw, she explained that some types of permits and applications do not currently have an associated fee in the bylaw, and new fees are being recommended for these applications.

“Staff has reviewed the time resources required for statutory process, planning review, applicant communication, advisory committee review, permit or bylaw preparation and staff reports undertaken as part of each type of development application,” wrote Adams. “The calculation of fee charges is based on the typical average cost of processing an application.”

The fee for an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment, a Zoning Bylaw amendment and for a temporary use permit are proposed to increase by $500. For development permit applications, the fee for multi-unit residential, commercial, downtown or industrial is proposed to increase by $250; the fee for riparian/hazard lands/coach houses is proposed to increase by $150; the fee for facade/amendment is proposed to increase by $150, and a new $750 fee for High Street intensive residential is proposed.

New fees are proposed for a combined OCP/Zoning Bylaw amendment ($3,000 plus advertising and delivery cost), boundary extension proposals ($2,000 plus $50 per hectare plus advertising and electoral approval cost), liquor license primary review ($250 for the application; $1,500 plus advertising cost for the community consultation), ALR application ($600 plus ALR fees for subdivision/non-farm use; $2,000 plus ALR fees for exclusion), and film permit applications ($250).