George Smart

George Smart

Ace lands golfer $1,000

Local golfer hits hole-in-one on Hole 3 at Ladysmith course

Sue Virtanen was not expecting to sink a hole in one when she teed up at hole#3 at the Ladysmith Golf Course.

As a matter of fact, Virtanen said she wasn’t thinking about anything when she released her shot with her nine iron on Sunday, Oct. 16, during the club’s appreciation tournament.

But her shot, with an envious loft, dropped just short of the pin and gently rolled into the cup.

Best of all, the highlight shot landed Virtanen a cool grand.

The $1,000 comes from one golf lover to another.

George Smart has been playing the Ladysmith Golf Course for 10 years using his scooter to get around. Smart however, has been playing golf since the tender age of five and would not be able to play if he was not allowed to take his scooter.

“If I wasn’t here I’d be sitting at home looking out the window,” said Smart. To show his appreciation, Smart started donating a cash prize to any member who sinks a hole in one at a board-approved tournament.

Virtanen started golfing in April and said the support and welcoming atmosphere at the golf course pushed her to keep practising.

“My scores were so high on nine holes,” said Virtanen.

Money aside, the feat was also sweet revenge for Virtanen who refers to the third as her ‘nemesis hole.’

“I used to get anywhere from six to 10 on it,” she said.

Then she stepped up on Oct. 16. “I couldn’t believe how perfect it was.”

“And you know you can do it again,” Smart laughed after presenting Virtanen with her winnings.

The ace was not her first, however, as Virtanen also walked away with a one score from the treacherous, ball-eating hole #5.

Virtanen said membership for her has been very rewarding and recommends others to sign up and get golfing.