Better drainage for Mount Brenton

Chemainus course to be playable longer

The Mount Brenton Golf Course is undergoing a sub-surface facelift that will get golfers on the course sooner and let them golf later.

Brenda Clearwater, an administrator with the course, said the project will see slit draining used on 10 holes, or 466,075 sq-ft of the course to ensure better drainage.

Using perforated piping, air and earth, course officials are hoping to reduce the groundwater and ensure better absorption.

Not only will it be better for drainage, but for the grass roots system, said Clearwater.

“The drains provide a bit of an escape route for any excess moisture that may come down,” said Clearwater.

Signs will be posted on the holes where they are working, but Clearwater said the work will be of little disturbance to golfers.