Ladysmith golfer hits lucky hole-in-one

Mike Primrose recently hit a hole-in-one at Eaglequest Golf Course in South Wellington.

An ordinary round of golf turned into an extraordinary hole-in-one experience for Mike Primrose.

The Ladysmith resident headed out on the morning of Sept. 8 (a Sunday) to catch a leisurely 18-holes at Mt. Brenton Golf Course but because of its bustling 40th anniversary tournament, decided to play at Eaglequest Golf Course in South Wellington.

“I was pretty much by myself on the whole course,” he recalled.

While teeing off on the ninth hole, Primrose said he “chunked” the ball, which landed in a ravine.

“As I was walking up the fairway, there was an elderly gentleman picking blackberries, and he threw me a golf ball and he says ‘maybe you’ll have better luck with this one,’” said Primrose. “I thought, ‘it couldn’t make my game any worse,’ so I started using it.”

Two holes into his second round, Primrose came across a couple who had just teed off. They offered to let him play through.

“I hit the ball — it looked good; it hit the green,” he said.

However, as the three of them trekked towards the pin, it appeared as though Primrose’s ball had embedded itself into the green.

“As I got to the top, I could only see half my golf ball, and I’m thinking ‘how did that plug; I’m pretty sure I saw it roll,’” Primrose said. “But then I got to the top of the green and kind of stood there, then I threw my club up into the air.”

Primrose’s lucky ball was wedged in the cup in between the flag pin. He was able to get a few photos of the scene before a gust of wind moved the flag and the ball dropped.

“It was an unbelievable feeling,” Primrose said. “It was surreal; I stood there in disbelief, and then I was numb for the next three holes.”

While there will be no prize for the hole-in-one, Primrose is ecstatic none the less. An avid golfer for the last 32 years, this will be Primrose’s second hole-in-one, although the first occurred with no witnesses.

“I think that’s what every golfer strives for — it makes it all worth it,” he said.