Peter Magee earns a little green on the greens after a hole-in-one

In his first game of the men's season, Peter Magee hit a hole-in-one at Ladysmith Golf Club, winning $1,000.

Peter Magee receiving his $1

Peter Magee receiving his $1

Playing his first game of the men’s season at the Ladysmith Golf Club on Thurs., April 5, Peter Magee did not expect to land a hole-in-one when he took his shot on the eighth hole.

In fact, the 17-year leisure golfer had turned away as the ball bounced towards the green.

“I had actually stopped looking at it because I thought it had quit rolling and it suddenly disappeared.

“It was Rollie that screamed and screamed and suddenly grabbed my arm and swung me around.”

The $1,000 prize comes from a fund created by George Smart to reward any member who sinks a hole-in-one at a board-approved tournament.

Smart donated the money as a thank you to the club for allowing him to bring his scooter onto the course to be able to play.

“Without this daily recreation, I would spend my days looking out the window,” Smart wrote.

As for Magee, he is equally as thankful as he was surprised about the lucky shot he won’t soon forget.

“I’m going home to share it with my wife, who bought my membership at the Ladysmith Golf Course,” he said.