Rhianna Pettapiece in Cuba.

Rhianna Pettapiece in Cuba.

Saltair pitcher back from Cuba

  • May. 30, 2011 12:00 p.m.

Rhianna Pettapiece is no stranger to the international diamond.

The graduating Chemainus Secondary student was again selected to play fastball for Team Canada in Cuba February 20-27.

The first base/pitcher said the invitation is normally sent to girls who have played in the national level.

Pettapiece said the team only first met at the airport before heading to Cuba, but still managed to hold their own against the national Cuban women’s team, which plays together all year.

They played several exhibition games against the team.

The style of play, said Pettapiece, was similar to the Canadian approach.

“They are more aggressive,” said Pettapiece. ‘They are very good at stealing bases.”

As a pitcher, Pettapiece said she had to learn which players were more accustomed to try and steal a base.

Pettapiece said her fastball served her well during the trip.

“The change-up worked,” Pettapiece added.


She is now focussing on getting back on Team BC and getting to Nationals at the end of July.