Spinning the way to fitness

Spinners will get their cardio fix on brand new exercise bikes in Ladysmith soon.

“I look at our equipment like a car,” said Susan Glenn, fitness programmer at the Frank Jameson Community Centre. “It’s time for us to recycle the old bikes and bring in new ones.”

The community centre was given the go-ahead from the Town of Ladysmith’s capital budget to purchase 10 new spinning bikes.

The new bikes are valued at approximately $7,000 plus tax.

“Spin class is the busiest class we offer,” she said.

The capacity limit for the spin classes is currently set at 10 people.

Because the centre is keeping three of the old bikes, the class size can increase to 12 people.

One bike will be kept to be used for spare parts.

“The rest of the bikes will be up for sale,” she said.

Spin is so popular because of the intensity of the class.

“It’s a great cardio activity and it’s in a very motivating and positive environment.”

She added the instructors are fantastic as well. “The majority of the spin classes are 45 minutes long, it works well for those on a time crunch.”

Glenn said she’s expecting the bikes to be in the centre in the next few weeks.