Kathy Park holds a bottle of pepper spray that was found by a child in a community park in south Duncan. The child got some of the spray in her eye and had to be treated by a paramedic. (Robert Barron/Citizen)

Child treated after getting pepper spray in eye at Duncan park

Spray bottle found in public park


It’s a sea of humanity on Oak Street in Chemainus for the Penelakut Tribe’s Walk for the Children. (Photo by Don Bodger)

More than 1,500 march in support of Penelakut Tribe’s March for the Children

Large crowd supports families with children who never came home from residential schools


Kelowna residents and businesses are taking part in the #hangahighvisoutside trend to honour victims of a deadly downtown crane collapse on Monday, July 12. (Liseanne Doiron/facebook)

PHOTOS: High-vis vests displayed to honour 5 killed in Kelowna crane collapse

Locals are posting photos to social media under the hashtag #hangahighvisoutside