LRCA conducting homeless count, housing needs survey

Local funders and service providers require current data to be used in local plans to help the homeless and the neighbourhoods that are impacted by increasing numbers of people experiencing homelessness.

On Tuesday August 15th, in collaboration with Duncan and the North Cowichan Valley, the Ladysmith Resources will be conducting a Point-in-Time (PiT) Homeless Count and Housing Needs Survey.

A Point-in-Time Count takes place over the course of one day. Trained volunteers and staff from local service providers will count and survey individuals who are staying in shelters, short-term housing, vulnerable housing situations, or are without shelter altogether.

Other forms of homelessness include, people staying temporarily with family or friends, trading sex for shelter, people who are in long-term transitional housing but whose housing and health are still not stable, and others who may be inadequately housed such as people living without heat because they cannot pay for hydro or living in buildings that were not intended as residential units. People experiencing these housing challenges are not typically included in a PiT count but will be included as part of the Housing Needs survey conducted the same day.

The PiT Count and Housing Needs survey will improve the community’s understanding of the needs and circumstances of the people who are affected by homelessness in our community. The count and survey will provide us with the key data on gender, age, ethnicity, and patterns and experiences of homelessness

Volunteers will be at the Soup Kitchen at Bethel Church at 1149 4th Ave, and at the Extreme Weather Shelter in the Rialto building on 1st avenue and Buller street (enter from the parking lot) to welcome people willing to be counted. There will also be outreach workers who will visit different locations in town. As a thank-you, those willing to be counted will receive a Tim Horton’s Gift Card.

In the summer, it is not as easy to connect with the people who are homeless or in vulnerable housing situations. If Ladysmith Residents know someone who fits the criteria to be part of this count and/or survey please let them know how to be counted, or call 250-245-3079 with the information. Confidentiality and sensitivity are assured.